Jan Williams, daughter of Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams, speaks about David Adair

One of the most far reaching details about David Adair’s story is that the U.S. military secretly gave him support to build his rocket in 1969.  Under the direction of Curtis LeMay, Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams was assigned to oversee the design of Pitholem, the rocket that was created by Adair and launched from White Sands New Mexicoto Area 51.  Through the years I have followed the story, wanting to believe, but waiting for some fact to disprove Adair’s testimony.  Then I met Jan Williams, daughter of Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams (USAF Ret.).  She had contacted David Adair after hearing him speak on a radio show about his development of the rocket in connection with her father.  Her father had recently passed away, and she and her brother, Steven Williams, a famous radio show host in his own right, had discovered many unexplainable items in their father’s personal belongings.  Jan contacted the radio station and asked the radio show host to send an email on her behalf to David Adair so that she could question him about his relationship with her father.

Jan Williams was no pushover.  She was a highly intelligent and articulate woman who had visited the top secret offices of Strategic Air Command Headquarters on “family days” as a child, since her father was a senior ranking officer of Strategic Air Command.  She contacted David and questioned him about his involvement with her father, his rocket design, Area 51, Arthur Rudolph and Wernher Von Braun.  Anyone who knew Jan could tell you that she could spot BS a mile away, and wouldn’t sit quietly for it.  Being a private “debunker” by nature, after her calculated review of David’s story, she and David became longtime friends.  When I asked her if there was any way David could know the things he knew about Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams without having a personal relationship with him, she emphatically replied “No.”

Jan Williams was stricken with ALS in the later years of her life and this is visible in her interview.  She passed away just one year ago.  Here is a brief clip from her interview about David Adair.

All About David Adair

David Adair has been admired and debated online and on-tour over the past thirty-five years, in just about every social circle that exists. From speaking engagements, interviews, television shows, and now finally breaking his silence with untold events, his story has come under intense scrutiny and admiration from a vast array of people across the world. Understanding his 300 page book, “America’s Fall From Space” and making sense of his cat-like nine lives took many years to grasp and come to terms with.  After hearing all the stories, interviewing friends, scientists, witnesses and professionals, I have learned that for every unbelievable story there is a fact that is just as unbelievable.  Let’s face it, if he was a 17 year old mastermind of the fastest rocket on Earth in 1971 and secretly funded by the U.S. government to develop his rocket for first-strike capability, who would believe him? As the daughter of Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams said when I interviewed her for Adair’s documentary, “He’s either telling the truth, or he’s stark raving mad.”  This blog chronicles discovering the unknown about David Adair in the making of the documentary, “America’s Fall From Space”.

David Adair with Shuttle
David Adair with Shuttle