All About David Adair

David Adair has been admired and debated online and on-tour over the past thirty-five years, in just about every social circle that exists. From speaking engagements, interviews, television shows, and now finally breaking his silence with untold events, his story has come under intense scrutiny and admiration from a vast array of people across the world. Understanding his 300 page book, “America’s Fall From Space” and making sense of his cat-like nine lives took many years to grasp and come to terms with.  After hearing all the stories, interviewing friends, scientists, witnesses and professionals, I have learned that for every unbelievable story there is a fact that is just as unbelievable.  Let’s face it, if he was a 17 year old mastermind of the fastest rocket on Earth in 1971 and secretly funded by the U.S. government to develop his rocket for first-strike capability, who would believe him? As the daughter of Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams said when I interviewed her for Adair’s documentary, “He’s either telling the truth, or he’s stark raving mad.”  This blog chronicles discovering the unknown about David Adair in the making of the documentary, “America’s Fall From Space“.

David Adair with Shuttle
David Adair with Shuttle

5 thoughts on “All About David Adair

  1. I believe ET’s are here, and the symbiotic engine is plausible from an alien race ten thousand years or more ahead of us. I believe Bob Lazar is telling the truth, too, and the evidence of gravity-propelled disks seems incontrovertible. If you are for real (and I hope you are, I think you may be), then I can’t wait to hear the real story.

  2. I love the story it is interesting the engine itself I would like to learn more about. What is David working on now? I figure once a tinkerer always a tinkerer? I love the fact that you saw the engine in area 51.

  3. The implications of this engine alone are mind boggling..I just ran into this recently and at present trying to understand the engine…If what Mr Adair says is true about the engine he examined at area 51, it lends more and more credance to our govts continual deciet of the of the market of the Petrol dollar.

    LAST I want to thank Mr Adair for pointing out the CME event in 2012..Seems highly sketchy why the govt would have protected their families from this event, neglected to inform the populace about it before or after, and Nasa just happened to have the Stereo satellite in perfect position to collect the most data possible for these type of potentially catastrophic events. Their Satelite was protected from emp or solar radiation from the CME..Suggest that all satelites be shielded, and earth sites be hardened against this potential catastrophe..Nasa scientist concluded this event has 12% probability of reoccuring by 2022..This statement did not have any verification at the time concerning..

    The speed at which the three pulses were exhausted in the Earths direction might might have been the reason for a lack of notification but the fact of the president & congress deemed it prudent to protect themselves and had time to..Says it all..

  4. Very interesting and entertaining gentleman. Like one of the retired (and passed) Airline CEO’s once said….we have had the technology for many moons to transport E.T. back home. Technology and better widgets are brought out gradually (starting back with transistors)…so that the world economy can absorb them gradually..acceptable supply and demand…and….Profits…;-)

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