All About David Adair

I first heard about David Adair in 1996.  Suffice it to say, the Gods arranged a meeting and there I was sitting before him in a conference room, pitching why he should give me his life story rights so I could make his movie.  I had taken 7 years off of the entertainment industry to raise my kids and I was shocked when he actually agreed to give me the Rights.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into.  Understanding his 300 page book, “America’s Fall From Space” and making sense of his cat-like nine lives took many years to come to terms with.  As my agent said, “You believe this actually happened?”  My response, “I don’t care if it’s true or not, it’s a great story.”  It is over a decade later and we are in post-production on his documentary (and writing a screenplay for a mainstream movie).  After hearing all the stories, interviewing friends, scientists, witnesses and professionals, I’ve decided that my job is to create “reasonable doubt” that this could actually have happened.  For every unbelievable story there is a fact that is just as unbelievable, which makes me believe that David is not crazy.  As the daughter of Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams said when I interviewed her for the movie, “He’s either telling the truth, or he’s stark raving mad.”  This blog is the journey of getting to know David Tyson Adair.

David Adair with Shuttle
David Adair with Shuttle

3 thoughts on “All About David Adair

  1. I believe ET’s are here, and the symbiotic engine is plausible from an alien race ten thousand years or more ahead of us. I believe Bob Lazar is telling the truth, too, and the evidence of gravity-propelled disks seems incontrovertible. If you are for real (and I hope you are, I think you may be), then I can’t wait to hear the real story.

  2. I love the story it is interesting the engine itself I would like to learn more about. What is David working on now? I figure once a tinkerer always a tinkerer? I love the fact that you saw the engine in area 51.

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